F is for Fake

Last night was the first night of our film series. It’s a series that could go on forever, hopefully it will last for awhile. Greg Leibowitz, David Cookson, and me (Pat Greene) started the group. It’s sort of a response to the community (Orlando). Greg and I were in an art show last month at the City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando. The show was an all installation exhibit. Many people seemed unaware of the possibilities in art. People were telling me they hadn’t seen video art or sound art installations. Video art is at least fifty years old, and I’m ready to call it traditional at this point. Traditional is a word that seems so subjective. I rarely use it as a quantifier. It’s a word that’s so comprehensive, that it’s lost it’s meaning to me. It seems to represent some sort of comfort. I don’t want to get to comfortable, and I don’t have as many answers as I have questions. That’s where the Creationist Film Series comes in. David thought of the name, brilliant. We want to be a point of reference to a community that is lacking contemporary art. We don’t want to be pedantic. There is a whole list of films in our queue. Accessibility, but not spoon feeding our audience is an aim. We can’t wait to show shorts, full length docs, have guest artists, Skype interviews with artists and curators, etc. Last night we showed the feature F is for Fake by Orson Welles. After seeing Banksy‘s Exit Through the Gift Shop, I concluded Banksy, must have been inspired by the Welles film. F is for Fake weaves and bobs around the truth, intentionally. If you haven’t seen it, do so. The tricksters have been such a big part of the art world from Duchamp’s Readymades, to the Situationists spectacle, to Warhol’s use of familiar objects as art to the Sex Pistols to Banksy. The pedestrian world is steeped in this, with reality television and so on. Also thanks to Jon Albertson who was an intern for the Maysles brothers. It looks like he is part of our team. He supplied the short by the brothers, Orson in Spain. Thanks to Joe Gray for all his help. Happy belated birthday.


About creationistfilms

We show films every Wednesday night at 730PM. The films are about or related to contemporary art. The series will usually take place at Stardust Coffee and Video. 1842 Winter Park Rd, Winter Park, FL 32789
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